How to authenticate your API requests

SuprSend uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can get the API keys from SuprSend dashboard -> Developers -> API keys page. API keys are unique to your workspace. This is done to keep your testing and production workspace separate and safeguards against accidentally sending wrong notification to your production users during testing.

API keys are confidential to your account and can only be generated in your SuprSend dashboard. To add an extra layer of security, we guarantee that any API key generated is displayed only once to the user at the time of key generation and is not stored anywhere apart from your codebase.

Generating API keys

To generate API key, go to SuprSend dashboard -> Developers -> API keys page and click on "Generate API key" button

Next, give your API key a relevant name and click on "Create and Save".

You'll now see the generated API key. Copy it and store it somewhere safe in your codebase. For security purposes, API key can be seen only once at the time of generation. You'll not be able to view the API key afterwards. Once copied, you can close the modal by clicking on "Done".

Signing API Requests

To authorize your API request, pass your API key in the Authorization header with the contents of the header being “Bearer XXX” where XXX is your API Secret Key. Also, pass content type as application/json

Example Header

Authorization: Bearer _APIKey_
Content-Type: application/json