Set up SuprSend account

This is a step by step guide to setup your SuprSend account and start sending communications:

1. Create an account with SuprSend

Signup on SuprSend

2. Select a Workspace

Select a workspace in the side navigation panel (default available: staging / production)

3. Vendor Settings

We send some notifications through your vendor account, and some notifications directly.
Check the integration requirements for each channel here: 'Vendor Integration Guidelines'.

5. SuprSend Client SDK

For sending Android Push, integrate SuprSend Client SDK to render the push notifications on your app. (Check section 'Android SDK')

6. Create a template

Add template for all the channels relevant to you (Check the sections: Templates)

7. Configure a workflow

Workflow brings together your user, template, trigger, etc. Check the documentation on Workflows here.