Set up SuprSend account

This is a step by step guide to setup your SuprSend account and start sending communications:

1. Create an account with SuprSend

You can share your business email with us on Suprsend and our team will reach out to you to create your account.

2. Select a Workspace

Select a workspace in the side navigation panel (default available: staging / production)

3. Add your organisation's information

Go to 'Organisation Settings' tab in the left panel and add information about your organisation. Some of this information is required in template designing, eg. logo.

4. Vendor Settings

We send some notifications through your vendor account, and some notifications directly.
Check the integration requirements for each channel here: ['Vendor Integration Guidelines'] (

5. SuprSend Client SDK

For sending Android Push, integrate SuprSend Client SDK to render the push notifications on your app. (Check section 'Android SDK')

6. Create a template

Add template for all the channels relevant to you (Check the sections: Templates)

7. Configure a workflow

Workflow brings together your user, template, trigger, etc. Check the documentation on Workflows here.. You can configure a workflow in 2 ways: