Vendor Integration Overview

You can use SuprSend to send multi-channel notifications with a single API. You just have to add your vendor details on SuprSend vendor page and your communication channel will be active.

We support communication across below channel types today.

  1. Email (Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun)
  2. SMS (ACL Sinch, Twilio, Karix, Gupshup)
  3. Whatsapp (Karix, Gupshup)
  4. Android Push (FCM, Xiaomi)
  5. Web Push (Vapid)
  6. iOS Push (APNs)
  7. Chat (Slack)

SuprSend has done integration with multiple vendors in each communication category. The list of currently supported vendors for each channel is mentioned above. We are adding more each week.

If you want us to add a new provider to this list, please let us know by writing us at [email protected].

Add Vendor details based on Workspaces

You may have different vendor accounts for staging and for production. Hence, we have given an option to add vendors based on your workspaces. Make sure that you add vendor details for each workspace, else communications will fail to deliver.
Read more about Workspaces here.

Add Vendors based on Communication Category

In some of the communication categories like email and sms. We have given an option to add vendors based on communication category. At SuprSend, we have defined 3 types of communication categories: System, Transactional and Promotional. You can read more about these categories here.

You can add different vendors for these categories, or have different accounts from the same vendor, depending on your need.

Sandbox mode

You don't have to add your vendor details in Sandbox environment. For ease of testing, we have integrated SuprSend's vendor accounts in Sandbox environment.