Flutter (Headless)

SuprSend SDK for Flutter applications for integrating inbox functionality using flutter hooks

SuprSend uses flutter hooks to provide inbox functionality in flutter applications.


Step-1: Project’s pubspec.yaml changes

Add the following line of code inside dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file under the dependencies section

  	sdk: flutter
  suprsend_flutter_inbox: "^0.0.1"

Step-2: Run flutter pub get in the terminal

$ flutter pub get


Enclose your Material App inside SuprSendProvider and pass the workspace key, workspace secret, distinct_id, and subscriber_id.

import 'package:suprsend_flutter_inbox/main.dart';

    workspaceKey: <your workspace key>,
    workspaceSecret:  <your workspace secret>,
    distinctId: distinct_id,
    subscriberId: subscriber_id,
    child: YourAppComponent()

NOTE: SuprSend hooks can only be used inside of SuprSendProvider.

Adding SuprSend Inbox component

useBell hook

This hook provides unSeenCount, markAllSeen which is related to the Bell icon in the inbox

unSeenCount: Use this variable to show the unseen notification count anywhere in your application.
markAllSeen: Used to mark seen for all notifications. Call this method on clicking the bell icon so that it will reset the notification count to 0.

import 'package:suprsend_flutter_inbox/main.dart';

final bellData = useBell();

// bellData structure:
  "unSeenCount": int,
  "markAllSeen": ()=>void

useNotifications hook

This hook provides a notifications list, unSeenCount, markClicked, and markAllSeen.

notifications: List of all notifications. This array can be looped and notifications can be displayed.
unSeenCount: Use this variable to show the unseen notification count anywhere in your application.
markClicked: Method used to mark a notification as clicked. Pass notification id which is clicked as the first param.

import 'package:suprsend_flutter_inbox/main.dart';

final notifData = useNotifications();

// notifData structure:
  "notifications": List<Noticication>,
  "unSeenCount": int,
  "markAllSeen": ()=>void

// Noticication structure:
  "n_id": string,
  "n_category": string,
  "created_on": int,
  "seen_on": int,
  "message": {
    "header": string,
    "text": string,
    "url": string,
    "extra_data": string,
    	"action_url": string,
      "avatar_url": string
      "text": string,
      "action_url": string
        "name": string,
        "url": string

Example Implementation

Example implementation can be found here: https://github.com/suprsend/suprsend-flutter-sdk/blob/main/example/lib/main.dart