Get an overview of the Notification Inbox offerings in SuprSend

A notification inbox is a centralized place for all your in-app notifications, offering several advantages over other notification channels. With a notification inbox, users can receive real-time transactional updates related to payment reminders, software updates, new features, etc. within the app. You can use SuprSend Inbox to easily integrate feeds, inboxes, and toasts into your product.

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Benefits of Notification Inbox over other communication channels

  • Real-time updates: A notification inbox delivers real-time updates to users, providing timely and relevant information.
  • 100% deliverability: Notifications sent through a notification inbox have a high deliverability rate and are perfect for sending important updates and messages.
  • Flexibility in message design: There is no limitation to the type and length of content that you can send with Inbox. Hence, the messages can be designed as per your requirement. Plus, you can add any type of click action to inbox message components which offer great flexibility in driving user engagement.

Integrating SuprSend Inbox

With SuprSend Inbox,

  • You can effortlessly add a beautifully designed, highly functional inbox to your product in an hour.
  • There is no infrastructure required at your end to manage and store inbox notifications, and for state management such as read, seen, and archive tracking
  • You get ready components to handle any use such as showing toast, showing profile avatar in your notification, handling different click actions in your notification component, etc.
  • Inbox messages are completely secure with HMAC encoded user identification to safeguard them from unauthorized access. This means you can use it to send sensitive information related to payments, billing, account updates, etc.
  • You can customize it to match your brand style using pre-defined UI customization options or build your headless UI using hooks
  • SDKs are available in all common languages