The event (or sometimes referred to as event_name) is a string describing an event. Events are also used to trigger workflows designed on SuprSend Platform. All you have to do is send the event to SuprSend platform and the associated workflows will be triggered

Below is an example of workflow with "Event name" (GROCERY_PURCHASED) defined as trigger


Send Event to SuprSend

You can either use HTTP API or our backend SDKs to send events via your backend systems or use Client side SDK to directly sync events from your mobile or web applications.

Backend SDK:

  1. Send event using Python SDK
  2. Send event using Node SDK
  3. Send event using Java SDK
  4. Send event using Go SDK

Client side SDK:

  1. Send event using Javascript SDK (for web applications)
  2. Send event using Android SDK (for mobile applications)
  3. Send event using React Native SDK (for mobile applications)
  4. Send event using Flutter SDK (for mobile applications)