iOS Push

This document guides you to integrate apns push vendor on SuprSend dashboard

This section is a step-by-step guide to integrate APNs as your service provider for sending iOS Push notifications.

Add APNs Configuration on SuprSend dashboard

On the SuprSend dashboard, follow the below steps:

  1. Select Vendors from the left panel
  2. Select 'iOS Push' as the channel from the list
  3. Select 'iOS APNs' from the list of Vendors

On the Settings, enter the following configuration details. You'll get all these informations from Apple developer account

Form FieldDescription
NicknameYou can give any name which may help you to identify this account easily
Mode/EnvironmentUse "Production" if you are adding it in your final app or testing app. Use "Development" if you are testing in your local environment
Upload p8 fileYou'll get .p8 key file from your apple developer account. Refer section below to see how to generate .p8 file
Auth Key IDAuth key ID is a part of the filename of your .p8 file. Refer section below to see how to get Auth key ID
Team IDYou'll get Team ID from your apple developer account. Refer section below to see how to get Team ID
Bundle IDBundle ID is a unique identifier of your app. SuprSend will require this key to identify your app for sending push notification.
Refer section to see how to get Bundle ID

Generating .p8 key file and Auth key ID

  1. To generate a .p8 key file, login to your Apple developer account page, then select Certificates, IDs & Profiles.

  1. Under Certificates, IDs & Profiles section, select "keys"

  1. Click on "+" button next to keys to add a new key

  1. On the new key page, type in your key name and check the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) box, then click “Continue” and click “Register".

  1. Once the key is generated, download the p8 key file by clicking on "Download"

The Auth Key filename will look like this: **AuthKeyABCD1234.p8**, the **ABCD1234** is the Key ID for this key, add this key ID in Auth key ID field on Vendor configuration page

How to get Team ID

You can get team ID on your Apple developer account membership page

How to get Bundle ID

You can get this ID from your app project

What’s Next

After you add the vendor configurations, you'll need to add push notification capability to your iOS application to start receiving push notifications in your app. The integration steps for supported SDKs are listed below