Workspaces are isolated environments within SuprSend to keep disassociated communications isolated and therefore, manageable. By default, SuprSend provides two Workspaces: Staging and Production.

  • Each workspace has its own templates, vendor settings, and workflows.

  • Workspaces have common organisation settings - they have common brand color guideline.

  • Each Workspace has its own Workspace Key and Workspace Secret, which you can copy from Settings page -> "API keys" section

Best Practices for creating workspaces:

  • Create separate workspaces for each of your testing accounts. SuprSend default are: Staging & Production. You can add more workspaces.

  • Create separate workspaces if your target users are disjoint sets, and communication strategy is different for them. Eg. you have a marketplace product where your buyers and sellers are different.

  • Workspaces should not be separate by products, eg. app, website, mobile web, etc.

How to use Workspace in your SDK?

You will need to provide your workspace key and secret when you trigger a workflow from your backend. When using one of our SuprSend Backend SDKs, you will be required to send the key and secret as parameters at the time of initialising the SDK.

Read more about Backend Workflow here.

Checkout the Python SDK Installation and Usage here

from suprsend import Suprsend
# Initialize SDK
supr_client = Suprsend("WORKSPACE KEY", "WORKSPACE SECRET")