Workspaces are isolated environments within SuprSend to keep disassociated communications isolated and therefore, manageable. By default, SuprSend provides two Workspaces: Staging and Production.

  • Each workspace has its own templates, vendor settings, and workflows.

  • Workspaces have common organisation settings - they have common brand color guideline.

  • Each Workspace has its own Workspace Key and Workspace Secret, which you can copy from Settings page -> "API keys" section

Best Practices for creating workspaces:

  • Create separate workspaces for each of your testing accounts. SuprSend default are: Staging & Production. You can add more workspaces.

  • Create separate workspaces if your target users are disjoint sets, and communication strategy is different for them. Eg. you have a marketplace product where your buyers and sellers are different.

  • Workspaces should not be separate by products, eg. app, website, mobile web, etc.