An Overview of what users stand for in SuprSend

Users represent a person who will receive the notification. SuprSend identifies a user by a unique identifier distinct_id and creates a profile for each user identified by this id.

All the channel information like email id, phone number, and push tokens are attached to the user profile which in turn is used to trigger communication on the given channels.

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Create / Update Users

To create and update users on SuprSend, you can send $user_operations event to us. All changes can be combined in one API call in an easy to replay format to us. Following operations are supported in $user_operations:

  • $append - Add communication channel in user profile.
  • $remove - Remove communication channel from user profile
  • $set - Set User properties like user location, preferred_language etc.
  • $unset - Unset existing user properties

You can create a user and add channels and properties to their profile with a single API call to SuprSend, similar to sending an event.