React Native (Headless)

Headless library to integrate Inbox, and Toast notification functionality in React Native Applications using hooks

The Headless Inbox library provides hooks that can be integrated into React Native components for building inbox, and toast functionality in your applications.


npm install @suprsend/react-headless
yarn add @suprsend/react-headless


Enclose your app in SuprSendProvider like below and pass the workspace key, distinct_id, and subscriber_id.

import { SuprSendProvider } from "@suprsend/react-headless";

function App() {
  return (
      <YourAppCode />

NOTE: SuprSend hooks can only be used inside of SuprSendProvider.

Adding SuprSend Inbox component

useBell hook

This hook provides unSeenCount, markAllSeen which is related to the Bell icon in the inbox

unSeenCount: Use this variable to show the unseen notification count anywhere in your application.
markAllSeen: Used to mark seen for all notifications. Call this method on clicking the bell icon so that it will reset the bell count to 0.

import { useBell } from "@suprsend/react-headless";

function Bell() {
  const { unSeenCount, markAllSeen } = useBell();
  return <p onClick={() => markAllSeen()}>{unSeenCount}</p>;

useNotifications hook

This hook provides a notifications list, unSeenCount, markClicked, markAllSeen.

notifications: List of all notifications. This array can be looped and notifications can be displayed.
unSeenCount: Use this variable to show the unseen notification count anywhere in your application.
markClicked: Method used to mark a notification as clicked. Pass notification id which is clicked as the first param.

markAllRead: This method is used to mark all individual notifications as seen. Add a button anywhere in your notification tray as Mark all as read and on clicking of that call this method.

mark all read  sample

mark all read sample

import { useNotifications } from "@suprsend/react-headless";

function Notifications() {
  const { notifications, markAllRead } = useNotifications();

  return (
    	<p onClick={()=>{markAllRead()}}>Mark all read</p>
      { => {
        return (

function NotificationItem({ notification, markClicked }) {
  const message = notification.message;
  const created = new Date(notification.created_on).toDateString();
  return (
      onClick={() => {
        backgroundColor: "lightgray",
        margin: 2,
        borderRadius: 5,
        padding: 4,
        cursor: "pointer",
      <div style={{ display: "flex" }}>
        {!notification.seen_on && <p style={{ color: "green" }}>*</p>}
        <p style={{ fontSize: "12px" }}>{created}</p>
Notification Object structure
interface IRemoteNotification {
  n_id: string
  n_category: string
  created_on: number
  seen_on?: number
  message: IRemoteNotificationMessage

interface IRemoteNotificationMessage {
  header: string
  schema: string
  text: string
  url: string
  extra_data?: string
  actions?: { url: string; name: string }[]
  avatar?: { avatar_url?: string; action_url?: string }
  subtext?: { text?: string; action_url?: string }

useEvent hook

This hook is an event emitter when and takes arguments event type and callback function when the event happens. Must be called anywhere inside SuprSendProvider

Handled Events:

  1. new_notification: Called when the new notification occurs can be used to show toast in your application.
import { useEvent } from "@suprsend/react-headless";

function Home() {
  useEvent("new_notification", (newNotification) => {
    console.log("new notification data: ", newNotification);
    alert("You have new notifications");

  return <p>Home</p>;

Example Implementation

Check the example implementation: