This section is a step by step guide to select Sendgrid as your email service provider.
You can use use your existing Sendgrid account to integrate, or create a new account from here

Sendgrid integration on SuprSend account

On the SuprSend dashboard, follow the steps as below:

  1. Select Vendors from the left panel
  2. Select 'Email' as the channel from the list
  3. Select the communication category from the list - System, Transactional, Promotional
  4. Select 'Sendgrid' from the list of Vendors

  1. On the Vendor Settings page, enter the details in the vendor form:
Form FieldDescription
NicknameYou can give any name which may help you to identify this account easily. For example - Sendgrid [Production]
API KeyYou will get this API key from your Sendgrid account. SuprSend uses this API key to send email on your behalf via your registered Sendgrid account.
From NameDefault 'From Name' that email will go from. You can override this in the individual template.
eg. SuprSend
From AddressDefault 'From Email ID' that email will go from. You can override this in the individual template.
eg. [email protected]
Reply AddressDefault 'Reply To Email id' on which replies are received. You can override this in the individual template.
eg. [email protected]
Price per notificationThis is the amount you pay per email notification to Sendgrid. It helps us to calculate, estimate and optimise your cost spent on notifications.

How to get API Key from Sendgrid account

In order to generate the Sengrid API key, you can refer the section: Create an API key on Sendgrid.

Setting Callback URL in Sendgrid Account

One of the platform advantage of using SuprSend as a central communication system is that it shows notification analytics for all channels in your SuprSend account together.

Go to Settings->Mail settings -> Event Webhook

Authorization: None
Post URL:
Deliverability data: select all
Engagement Data: select all

How to add Unsubscription link in email

It is advisable to give your recipients the ability to unsubscribe from emails. First, it is required by the CAN-Spam Act. Second, if you don’t give them this option, they are more likely to click on the spam complaint button, which will cause more harm than allowing them to unsubscribe. Finally, many ESPs look for unsubscribe links and are more likely to filter your email if they don’t have them.

To add "Unsubscribe" link in your email, refer to the section: Unsubscribe via Subscription Tracking

Migrating Email templates from Sendgrid

If you have used sendgrid design library to design email templates and planning to migrate your existing templates to SuprSend. You can do that using our email HTML editor. Please follow the steps below for migration:

Step1. Export HTML file of your existing template

Option 1: Sendgrid templates are designed using drag and drop editor

  • Go to Sendgrid Design Library
  • Select the email template that you want to export and click on "Edit"
  • In the design editor, you'll find the option to "Export HTML" in build -> Advanced section
Sendgrid Design Editor template

Sendgrid Design Editor template

Option 2: Templates are designed using Code editor

  • Go to Sendgrid Design Library
  • Select the email template that you want to export and click on "Edit"
  • In the editor, simply copy paste the HTML content and add it in SuprSend email editor
Sendgrid Code Editor template

Sendgrid Code Editor template

Step2. Copy paste the HTML content in SuprSend email editor

  • Go to email editor and click on "Switch to HTML editor" and paste the HTML template downloaded from Sendgrid and click on Publish

Make sure to add sample data for all variables before publishing the template. You can add sample data via "Mock data" button on the top right side of template editor. If you using default footer in Sendgrid template, please add below mock data along with other template variables.

  "Sender_Zip": "test",
  "Sender_City": "test",
  "Sender_Name": "Nikita",
  "unsubscribe": "test",
  "Sender_State": "test",
  "Sender_Address": "test",
  "unsubscribe_preferences": "test"

After publishing the template, you can test template using "Test template" functionality on the template editor.

What’s Next

Next step is to design an email template. If you have already designed an email template, you can move onto creating a workflow