Integrate Node SDK

This document will cover SDK installation and initialization steps

You can follow the steps mentioned in the documentation below or refer to our quick code recipe


Major Release v1.0.0

Starting from v1.0.0 Suprsend class will be a named import rather than default import. Please update the code like below, after migrating to v1.0.0 from lower versions.


suprsend-node-sdk is available as npm package. You can install using npm or yarn.

npm install @suprsend/node-sdk

# to upgrade to latest SDK version
npm install @suprsend/node-sdk@latest
yarn add @suprsend/node-sdk

# to upgrade to latest SDK version
yarn add @suprsend/node-sdk@latest


For initializing SDK, you need WORKSPACE KEY and WORKSPACE SECRET.

const {Suprsend} = require("@suprsend/node-sdk");

// Initialize SDK
const supr_client = new Suprsend("WORKSPACE KEY", "WORKSPACE SECRET");

Replace WORKSPACE KEY and WORKSPACE SECRET with your workspace values. You will get both the tokens from Suprsend dashboard (Settings page -> "API keys" section). For more details, check the documentation on 'Workspaces'.