Messagebird (SMS)

Types of vendor errors for Messagebird (SMS) and their resolutions

In this guide, we'll cover all the errors returned by the vendor when SuprSend initiates a send call to the vendor. In case of vendor error, you'll see Trigger failed or Failure by Vendor status in the third step of the logs. Hover over the failed chip to access the specific error message.

Message Error guide

MessageBird uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of API requests.

  • HTTP response codes in the 2xx range indicate the request was successfully processed.
  • HTTP response codes in the 4xx range indicate that there was a client error - for example: authentication error, not enough balance or wrong/missing parameters. Don't worry, the HTTP response body includes a JSON-formatted response that tells you exactly what went wrong. If you're stuck, feel free to contact support, we're happy to help you out
  • HTTP response codes in the 5xx range indicate a server error. It's considered safe to retry the same request, preferably with a delay