Tenants are used for personalizing communication on behalf of some other entity/organization. In SuprSend, tenants are workspace level entities. By default, SuprSend creates a brand with brand_id="default" (representing your organization) in each of your workspaces. You can create more brands using one of our backend SDKs or from SuprSend Dashboard.

Tenant datastructure:

  "tenant_id": "br-01",
  "tenant_name": "Awesome Brand",
  "logo": "https://ik.imagekit.io/l0quatz6utm/suprsend/staging/media/suprsend-only-logo_c8aa27faef118418e8c5bd7b31a1cafc74e09200.png",
  "primary_color": "#ff0000",
  "secondary_color": "#00ff00",
  "tertiary_color": "#0000ff",
  "social_links": {
    "website": "https://suprsend.com",
    "facebook": "",
    "linkedin": "",
    "twitter": "",
    "instagram": "",
    "medium": "",
    "discord": "",
    "telegram": "",
    "youtube": ""
  "embedded_preference_url": "",
  "hosted_preference_domain": "",
  "properties": {
    "prop1": "value1",
    "prop2": { "prop3": ["value2"]}
tenant_id (mandatory)max 64 characters and should contains alphanumeric characters(a-z, 0-9), hyphen (-) and underscode(_).
tenant_name (mandatory)name of the tenant.
colors (primary, secondary, tertiary)used while designing templates. If not provided default tenant colour will be picked.
social_linkssocial links to your tenant. Pass "" if you want to remove existing link.
propertiesCustom properties associated with the tenant. Update operation is upsert (new properties are added to existing one's and if key is already present, value is overridden).

Tenant methods

Upsert tenant

This method will create a new tenant or update an existing tenant.

const { Suprsend } = require("@suprsend/node-sdk");

const supr_client = new Suprsend("workspace_key", "workspace_secret")

const tenant_payload = {...} // prepare tenant datastructure payload
const response = supr_client.tenants.upsert(tenant_id, tenant_payload); // create or update tenant
response.then((res) => console.log("response", res));

Get tenant details

const response = supr_client.tenants.get(tenant_id)

Get tenants list

const response = supr_client.brands.list();  // default limit 20
const response = supr_client.brands.list({limit:20, offset:0}); //  max limit 1000

Add tenant in Workflow

const wf = new Workflow(workflow_body, {tenant_id :  "_tenant_id_"})

Add tenant in Event

const event = new Event(distinct_id, event_name, properties, {tenant_id :  "_tenant_id_"})