Android Push

SuprSend sends Android push to your users via reputed push service providers (called Vendors on SuprSend platform). Each provider has different requirements that need to be met to deliver a message to a recipient

You'll just have to follow the simple integration guides and you can start sending push notifications to your app users. All integrations related to sending Push notifications, collecting responses, and maintenance will be handled by SuprSend.

SuprSend has done integration with the following push service providers. These providers are chosen carefully on the basis of multiple factors, like IP reputation, shared vs dedicated IP, delivery rate, strength of APIs, real-time monitoring, etc. We will be adding more push service providers shortly.

1. FCM (Firebase Console Manager)

Check SuprSend documentation on the integration guidelines here.

2. Xiaomi (Mi)

Check SuprSend documentation on the integration guidelines here.

Add AndroidPush Vendors based on Workspaces

You may have different push tokens for staging and for production. Hence, we have given an option to add vendors based on your workspaces. Make sure that you add vendor details for each workspace, else communications will fail to deliver.
Read more about Workspaces here.