Integrate 3rd party platforms with SuprSend

With SuprSend Connectors, you can connect data from your 3rd party platforms with SuprSend. This will help you to create user list, trigger workflow directly from these data platforms.

Benefits of integrating 3rd party platforms:

  1. Connect your customer data within mins: If you already track customer data in these platforms, you can directly sync user data from these platforms within mins.
  2. Testing the platform becomes easy: Once your data is synced, you can quickly create a template on our platform and test it out.
  3. Engineering bandwidth saved: Once your user and event data is synced, you can directly build and trigger workflows from SuprSend dashboard. It saves engineering bandwidth and also give control to product and growth teams to directly power notification from 3rd party platforms.

There are 2 types of connectors in SuprSend: Source and Destination.

  • Source is used to connect event and user data from a third party platform into SuprSend to power notifications.
  • Destination is used to sync data like message templates and notification metrics that we track in SuprSend back to your data warehouse for reporting and analysis.

We currently have integration support for below connectors:


  1. Mixpanel
  2. Segment
  3. Database


  1. Amazon S3

Need support for another connector? Please Let us know

Add Connectors based on Workspaces

Most of these platforms have different project for staging and for production. Since, each workspace in SuprSend has separate connector settings, you can connect your connector staging project with SuprSend staging workspace. Once you are done testing, connect your production project with SuprSend production workspace.