Testing the Template

We have given an option on the Templates page to "Test Template". This enables you to send test notifications directly from the template editor page and see how the actual message will look on user's device.

The mock data added in the global "Mock Data" button will be used to render variables in the template. Make sure to add mock data for all the variables added in the template else the notifications will fail.

Please follow below steps to trigger test template:

Step 1. Click on "Test Template" button

Open template editor page. You'll see "Test Template" button on the top right side

Step 2. Add distinct_id of user who will receive the notification

Use distinct_id of any existing user or add a new with one of SuprSend SDKs.

  1. Add distinct_id in the input field and Click on "Search"
  2. This will load the list of all active channels for that user. You can deselect the channels that you want to exclude from sending the notification

Step 3. Click on "Trigger Test using Mock Data" to trigger the notification

Notification category and Vendor settings corresponding to "Transactional" Category will be used to trigger the notification.

  1. Click on "Trigger Test using Mock Data" button. This will trigger the notification
  2. Once the notification is triggered, go to logs page to see the status