This section is a step by step guide to select Postmark as your email service provider
You can use use your existing Postmark account to integrate, or create a new account from here

Postmark integration on SuprSend account

Step 1: On the SuprSend dashboard, follow the steps as below:

  1. Select Vendors from the left panel
  2. Select Email as the channel from the list
  3. Select the communication category from the list - System, Transactional, Promotional
  4. Select Postmark from the list of Vendors

Step 2: On the settings page, enter the details.

Form FieldDescription
NicknameYou can give any name which may help you to identify this account easily
Server TokenYou will get this server token from your Postmark account. This is a mandatory field. SuprSend will use this token to send mails from your Postmark account.

Check below section on how to get your Server Token.
Account TokenAccount token is used by postmark for account level API access. These tokens cannot be used to access individual server data.
It's a non-mandatory field to send emails.
From NameDefault 'From Name' that email will go from. You can override this in the individual template.
eg. SuprSend
From EmailFrom email for Postmark has to be a verified email by postmark .
Check below section on how to verify your email or enable domain whitelisting on Postmark.
Reply EmailDefault 'Reply To Email id' on which replies are received. You can override this in the individual template.
eg. [email protected]
Price per notificationThis is the amount you pay per email notification to Postmark. It helps us to calculate, estimate and optimise your cost spent on notifications.

How to get a server token from Postmark

  1. Login to your Postmark account
  2. Go to servers section and select your email server
  3. Go to section API Tokens
  4. Copy the already generated API token or generate a new token.

How to verify email and whitelist domain on Postmark

Email signature verification is an important step without which Postmark does not allow to send emails from the email added in Postmark account.
You can add multiple emails by verifying them individually on Postmark or verify all the emails with your email domain.
To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Postmark -> Sender Signatures section
  2. Add your email, Postmark will send an email for verifying the added email address, complete the verification
  3. Alternatively you can also whitelist all the email adresses in your email domain by adding a DKIM DNS record

Configuring Open/Click tracking for emails on Postmark

SuprSend uses webhooks to update notification statuses on delivery, user actions like open/click or the failure scenarios. This allows SuprSend to power your notification analytics.
To allow SuprSend to receive these events via webhook, add SuprSend's webhook URL in your Postmark account.

  1. Go to Postmark -> servers -> select your server -> select your stream -> webhooks -> add webhook

  1. On Add webhook, settings page, add in webhook URL section and enable all events on Postmark.

Yay! you are all set to use Postmark on SuprSend :tada:.

What’s Next

Create a template and create workflow to start sending emails with your Postmark account.