What is database connector and how you can use it to sync users and lists in SuprSend

Database connector enables you to setup notifications directly on top of your true source of data from your data warehouse. This way data, product and growth teams can directly setup production notifications and automated marketing campaigns on the 360 degree data without doing any trade-offs on the amount of data available in click stream platforms.

Using database connector, you can directly sync user profiles and create lists in SuprSend with a simple SQL query, without any engineering effort. You can then use these lists to send broadcasts.

How it works?

The process of syncing data into SuprSend is a ETL process wherein:

  1. Setup your database connection: We currently support Postgres, MySQL and Bigquery. We'll be adding more connections soon.

  2. Create a list or choose an existing list to sync data: The data extracted from your database will always be synced into a list of users. List is a cohort of users whom you would want to send notification.

  3. Write SQL query to extract and transform data: Once your database connection is setup, you can write SQL query to extract the data required for list and user profile sync. This will first create/update user profile and then load it into the list. Make sure that you optimize the query so that it only returns the rows and columns that you need. You can also user {{last_sync_time}} in case of recurring sync to only return the data that changed after your last successful sync. Know more about setting up your sync task here

  4. Setup sync to load the transformed data into your list: Once you have written and tested your SQL query, you can save it and "Commit" to setup list sync. It can be a one time list sync for sending one time campaigns like announcements, reminder to users who registered for an event, or a recurring sync for sending crons or regular scheduled notifications like send card abandonment notification to users who left items in their in the last 7 days, onboarding sequences, payment reminders etc.

    You can also update user profile with list sync. This is helpful for cases where you want to add some variables in your notification template. For example, in case of event reminder, you can sync event details in user profile. Learn more about sync settings here.