React SDK to integrate Inbox, Toast notification functionality for React websites

Integrating SuprSend Inbox channel in React websites can be done in two ways:

  • SuprSendInbox component which comes with UI and customizing props.
  • SuprSendProvider headless component and hooks, incase you want to totally take control of UI. (example: Full page notifications).

This document will cover the methods to integrate Suprsend SDK in your React applications using SuprSendInbox. Adding this SDK to your app will introduce a bell icon where all the inbox notifications can be viewed. A typical inbox, toast message will look like this.

Stage 1. Bell icon count and toast message as soon as the notification is delivered

Stage 2. Inbox view after clicking on the bell icon

You can also customize your inbox based on simple customization options available in our SDK


You can install SuprSend inbox SDK using npm/yarn

npm i @suprsend/react-inbox
yarn add @suprsend/react-inbox


After installing, Import the component in your code and use it as given below. Replace the variables with actual values.

import SuprSendInbox from '@suprsend/react-inbox'

// add to your react component
  workspaceKey= "<workspace_key>"
  subscriberId= "<subscriber_id>"
  distinctId= "<distinct_id>"
interface ISuprSendInbox {
  workspaceKey: string
  distinctId: string | null
  subscriberId: string | null
  tenantId?: string
  stores?: IStore[]
  pageSize?: number
  pagination?: boolean

workspaceKeystring (Mandatory)You can find it in SuprSend Dashboard inside Settings -> API Keys.
distinctIdany (Mandatory)Unique identifier for the user.
subscriberIdstring (Mandatory)This is unique string for every distinctId used for authentication to inbox service. You check generation docs.
tenantIdstring (Optional)If you use multi-tenant architecture you can get inbox notifications for that specific tenant/brand only.
storesIStore[] (Optional)Pass stores array if you ant to use multi-tab feature.
pageSizenumber (Optional)Notifications to get in one api call. Used for pagination to get older notifications. Maximum allowed is 50. Defaults to 20.
paginationboolean (Optional)By default infinite scroll will be enabled to get older notifications on scroll. It can be disabled by passing false.

What’s Next

You'll be able to integrate our standard inbox view by following this documentation, check out our next section for customizing the inbox